Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year... New...?

I've become fairly indfferent about the new year over the past few years.... I used to be the first to make resolutions, noting what my life seemed to lack and making sure 'I aced that bitch of a goal' I set for myself. And then.... life happened. Those brand new habits you said you would train your brain to do don't get done. Life continues to happen, you reflect on what you said you were gonna do, clean it up a bit, then life happens so more. If you're like me, you look up and realize 'DAMN, ITS DECEMBER!!! WTF HAPPENED TO MAY?!'

I will say that around this time I get really restless. I want to make changes.... the innerGreenEyes wants to do something totally unlike her. So I got a tattoo.... and a piercing..... and I'm going to get another piercing because I loves me some body art.... anyone wanna guess where the newest piercing is? *giggle*

The reason I stopped blogging is that I never thought my life was interesting enough to talk about. Besides, I'm not the writer. I'm the thinker... but putting thoughts into a blog for everyone else to read and critique? Uh.... *pause*

Anyway, enough of me (tat tat tatted up, tat tat tatted up)..... I'm cool, I'm chillin at Tex's house sippin some tea... because I have to have SOME sort of culture.... just sayin.

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