Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A Trick is tolerant. TOLERANT.
But to a degree. I have tolerated family, coworkers who thought they knew every damn thang (and it was painfully obviously they didn't know their assholes from a set of tires), my mate, my own shortcomings and potential faults.


However. There comes a point when I really want to ask WHY you want to be my friend on when:

1) we weren't friends in grade/middle/jr. high/high school.
2) you are a family member I have told to 'suck nuts' several times and aint afraid or shame to say it again.

and my personal favorite

3) you are a friend of a friend that saw my picture and thought I was cute (who over the age of 28 says CUTE to describe someone GROWN???) so you got your 'Five Heartbeats' ass all up in my inbox wanting to talk.


1) Ignore.
2) Ignore.
3) Ignore.


  1. Some people are just gluttons for punishment. *requests friendship on f@cebook. *

  2. "Suck nuts" is my new favorite insult!