Thursday, January 28, 2010

I got 9 good toes and I wanna keep em....

Dear left foot,
I would appreciate you not bumping into, casually brushing against or crashing loudly upon any material/doorframe/bed edge that could do you harm. I got 9 good toes and wanna keep em.

Now then. As my friend B would say, A pimpette is DOWN.... I'm limping around the office and home due to a fractured toe. This shiz aint EVEN cute... and what's less attractive? Limping around with your toes taped together! My OPI Black Onyx pedicure has tape residue on it... and that is not Verde's style.


Had a little coffee catchup scheduled with Tex and what happened? Fell asleep in my chair... her phone call woke me up an HOUR after our coffee date was supposed to happen. WTF? I blame the meds for the 1 bad toe. Those that know me know I am NEVER late if its under my control. And if its not? I am NEVER rude enough to leave someone hangin.


This post was supposed to be about my experience with a nonePC topic... how others shame the race with their behavior. I'll touch on that tomorrow because I have some things I want to discuss.