Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Style? Do you have it?

There are things that I know about that make me who I am.
I know accounting, yes, and its my career. I love it... it has its peaks and valleys, but I love it.
I know makeup. I can tell you what color looks great on your skin, what colors compliment your eyes, which mascara makes your lashes touch your forehead. Makeup. I love it.
I know money. Money and I have had a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I have money, sometimes I don't. No, I'm not liquid, but I can tell YOU how to be. I can tell you how to save, I can do your taxes, I can tell you the difference in an IRA and a CD. Money. I love it.

My favorite guilty pleasure is fashion... be it shoes, jewelry, clothes.... I love it ALL. I read everything I can about it.... I window shop in person and online. I watch fashion shows on tv and am signed up for every department store and boutique email for specials, sales, openings and coupons. It cracks me up to check my black.berry in the morning and realize I have 367 emails and half of them are fashion and shopping related.
Honestly, I would love to work in the fashion industry... own my own boutique for classic and stylish items for the woman who loves to look fabulous without breaking the bank and/or robbing the cradle.
Yes, I'm THAT friend: the one you WANT to go shopping with because I'm honest. I will tell you if something looks a hot ass mess on you or if that fabric doesn't agree with your body type or if you need some spanx. But I will also tell you when something looks fantastic on you and if you are sizzling hot in it!

I like to talk about style... so it'll come up here in my blog often.
As my friend Tex would say...'that makes me happy.'

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