Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday.

I have a column deadline over the next few weeks that I know nothing about, re:the subject.
The money/budget part? I got that. But there is another magazine issue coming up where I just have to admit my ignorance. Enter my friend Tex. Y'all should find her.... her trickass (that's a compliment when I talk about those I love) is on my blog roll. SHE is the one that I can run my ideas by and will say, OH! you can do this! and OH! you can do that.... while I sit and shrug like, okay, aiight, really? I always refer to her as my friend that quotes all that UNIVERSE shit: you know the Universe is telling you something! Love is a mushroom, grown from shit by the Universe! The Universe WANTS YOU!


I can honestly say that I have a very diverse group of friends. They all bring a different personality and life experience to the table. Yes, they are ALL crazy in their only little way. I mean, aren't we all crazy? Crazy *is* relative, right?

So. Happy Friday, my crazy friends! I love ya!

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