Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On a rainy Wednesday...

I'm still not over my hormone hump. Not sure WTF is going on this month, but be damned I'm still a cranky bitch! Awwww shit. Caffeine. That's what it is, I bet. I've been indulging in it a bit with coffee and word has it, caffeine makes the hormones go nuts. Great... gotta wait this one out.
I know (because I'm STILL hormonal) that I'm reacting to things with much more emotion than I normally would. The anxiety, insecurity and (what seems like) blackhole depression just overwhelm me and I don't see the sunnyside end in sight.

I wish there as an iPhone app for that.

1 comment:

  1. All that and you still find time to check on my rat ass?! Aww, I feel all warm and fuzzy. But that could be the rum and the lack of shaving lol

    Love ya,