Sunday, March 7, 2010


So in the end, it really IS true that men are visual.

I get to listen to all of them SAY 'the smart woman, the respectful woman, the accomplished woman' is the one they want to take home to Mom... but in the end, it's the one that has the slutty... oh, my bad... REVEALING pictures on or the one's that have the ditzy ass laugh at your dumb jokes that really get all the attention. The 'attractive' woman that is tasteful only gets a blink and a pass, but the one who is a bad girl gets the attention.

The reason for my rant? Mr. Aries has a male cousin, an attractive, accomplished, intelligent guy, who is stable... etc... the stuff that women are looking for. He met a really nice, attractive, intelligent, accomplished and stable woman. He likes her, she is tasteful, respectful, he took her to a family gathering or 2, even brought her to Christmas dinner (being a single guy who lost his mom a couple of years back, we invite him to holiday dinner here)... you could tell she was very into him and he was into her.... what's the problem? She saw his page where he was sending some revealing pictures and messages to some chick who had the name... let's just call her Aloe.Vera.... the attraction to THIS woman? She has freaky pictures all open on the networking site for you to see.... and he LIKES that she shows her boobs, her legs and is nude, though covered by a sheet, in one picture. Oh, but this is okay, because its and its not a big deal, right? Of course not! Just because you are licking the computer screen over some aloe ho, its just fine! So his lady friend asked him about it.... and he got MAD and broke it off with her.


I am SO irritated. You have something open on your facebook page. She asked you about it. You cop an attitude? Do you think this aloe vera fishnet trick was worth it?
Oh, so the reason I'm venting about it? Because he had the nerve to look for backup from Mr. Aries over here the other day. I sat and stirred. Bit my tongue, bit my lip... until he asked me what I thought.
I told him he needed to think with something other than his dick.
Mr. Aries was... shall we say.... not expecting me to say that.

UGH. Some men just make my ass itch. And not in a good way.

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  1. How dare she ask him about his commentary on a naked woman that ain't her! What are women THINKING these days?

    I tell you in a day and age when a woman will cut off your manhood and toss it out a window, or dump a bowl of hot grits on your head, or just plain shoot your ass dead and then kill herself, I just don't see how men keep thinking they can get away with stuff. Really-- mistresses, jump offs, options, whatever you're calling them in 2010-- THEY ARE NOT PLAYING. Cheat with caution.

    He got off easy.