Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yes. I rant.

I have alot going on right now. Between work and my girl-part health and the stress of being the breadwinner, I am NOT in the greatest of moods, especially when PMDD starts.
So when the end of the month/quarter rolls around due to my profession, I'm less than 'turn a cartwheel' happy. I'm more like 'glad to be home to a quiet house and some serenity'... which translates to: don't be stopping by if you are not a close personal friend aka I love you enough to donate a kidney if you needed one without calling. Calling and saying you are outside is NOT calling before you come by to check to see if its okay. I just laid into Mr. Aries for just walking downstairs and opening the door to his cousin (the one who decided that the good woman he had was not good enough because she questioned some ho.tramp.doggie.ass.slut. he had as a friend on No, I don't like him, I don't like men like him, he can stay his ass on the porch for all I care....and right now, hell naw I don't feel like being polite and no, don't even speak to me and I know your ho.ass. didn't just ask me if any of my friends are single and looking! Kiss both my ass cheeks, mofo, because it will be a snowballs chance in hot ass middle of the summer Houston before I even consider introducing you to my worst enemy, much less one of my friends.

*fixes an Amaretto Sour and takes my laptop upstairs*

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