Saturday, April 3, 2010

Better still...

Here is my newest list of ramblings: (the first of a few lists....)

1) I want some comfort food - and by comfort food I mean something with gravy, some lasagna, some macaroni & cheese. All the stuff that could be potentially bad for you and is not in my diet right now. *says a cuss (not curse) word*
2) NO, Ery.kah.Ba.Du. that was NOT.CUTE. I understand you did that for the shock factor and publicity, but not everyone sees your work as 'art'.
3) It's the second week of April and it will be 84 degrees this week. I'm not looking forward to Summer because we are gonna FRY. And this pollen is getting on my nerves.
4) I have a stack of magazines and 2 books I haven't read because I keep forgetting I have them.
5) Mr. Aries is upstairs taking a nap... who naps at 7:30 in the damn evening?
6) PMDD has started already this month. I feel like the last round of it just ended.... maybe this one will be better than the last?
7) I took the rugrats to the movies yesterday. They wore me the hell out.

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  1. tries to locate silver lining.


    But uhmmmmmmmm......