Sunday, February 7, 2010

As the blog goes by, so do the days of our lives..

Never get tired of that.
Today is foot.ball.sunday. THE Sunday.
Worm week has just started. (a little background on worm week: I have PMDD.... it lasts for 2 weeks, 14 start days where I'm mad, irritated, down right angry, bitchy, horny, depressed... my friend has a saying ' one wants to be my friend, everyone wants me to eat worms!' and thus, worm week (or should I say worm WEEKS)... was born)
I've tried to set aside the fact that the man I shack up with invited folks over here for the game... and told me on Wednesday. I also set aside the fact he invited MORE people and just told me yesterday. They also have KIDS, which will be here with nothing to do but watch TV. Imma set that aside too.
In the calm of the morning, sitting on my sofa, watching the news, I have alot to do... but I'm not stressed about it. YET.
I issues a style citation to a woman wearing black lip liner with ORANGE lipstick yesterday. Excuse, WTF was she thinking??? That shit is not cute.
Pour some 40 our for my steamflat iron. Damn thing will cut on... and not get hot. WTF again.
A replacement is on the horizon.
My office has become the out.break.monkey. Everyone is sick and I'm doing my best to NOT be sick AND hormonal at the same time. That shit is not cute.


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  1. My condolences to your flat iron. :pouring out a little oil sheen: