Monday, February 1, 2010

I wish I were a little bit taller, I wish I were a baller, I wish...

I wish I had writing skills.
I'm not talking about the ability to put a sentence together; hell, I do that everyday. I wish I could think of a story and plot and be witty and everyone break down to stomp necks to read my blog.
Not so much.
I wish some feminists would STFU. Yes I know, that's not PC. But dammit, I get it. You don't need a man, you are ALL WOMAN and shit. Yes, I get it. But honestly, aint nuthing wrong with having a mate. It does not make you weaker. You are weak if you are weak period, no one MAKES you that way unless you let them.
I wish diets were easy. My bad, 'lifestyle changes'. My lifestyle change is kicking my ass, especially with all the advertisements about the upcoming game this weekend. Pizza here, wing there, 'let us cater your party!'. I'm losing my footing. It's not cute.
I wish I wasn't so anal about money. Being the only income in a relationship has its pitfalls. Being the anal one who counts every cent in a one income relationship? It rollercoasters constantly.
I wish I hadn't taken it personally when I told someone I fractured my toe and they laughed at me. It hurt my feelings and I want to be the person who doesn't take shit like that personally.
I wish I had new pillows on my bed. I love my bed, but dammit, my neck hurts. I'm tired of going to a place to get new pillows and they feel great in the store, then suck when you sleep on them for a week. HUMBUG.
I wish I were more loveydovey about love and I'm not. I'm not feeling it this year. I can't remember if I felt it last year. Is every retail establishment decorated red or pink with floaty hearts? HUMBUG again.
I wish I had the answer to what you do when you feel like you've outgrown a good friend. What happens when you have nothing good to say about them except they are a child of the God? What happens when you realize the path you are on when you met them is not the path you are on now and they have yet to grow? HUMBUG numero 3.

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