Friday, February 12, 2010

WTF Friday....

This is going to be a new tradition on the pages of Green Eyes.

Because I'm an admitted news junkie, the first thing I do when I get home (this is after I sit my stuff down, take off this damn bra and kick off my shoes) is turn on the news. I have Associated.Press and Time.Magazine updates on my Black.berry. I have an active CNN ticker on my taskbar at work. Yes, I'm a news junkie. Proud to admit it.

SO, I get home yesterday, turn on the news and the top story is some 'sky.eye' breaking news story about how some male (I won't even call him a man, since his actions are not of a true man) is on the run..... after he gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop, he gives the officer the wrong name. As the officer leaves to go back to his vehicle to run the name through the system, the MALE jumps out of his truck and takes off running. Officer chases, losing the male.
Sounds 'news worthy' enough, right? Nothing that would warrant more than a minute on the news, right? Well..... homie left his 4 year old daughter IN THE TRUCK alone. AND had an open can of beer in the cupholder.
WTF? Your foul ass just leaves your 4 year old daughter in the truck because you feel like running from the cops? You are transporting your 4 year old daughter and downing some beer at the same time?
His foul ass is still on the run. He needs his ass straight up beat when he gets caught.