Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ask a question and get an honest answer?

I ask Mr. Aries questions because the behavior of men puzzle me sometimes. And sometimes he gives the answer that makes me say 'Hmmmm' and other times he gives me an answer that I want to debate. Sometimes I get the answer that prompts my 'WTF' response.
Today was one of those days. I asked him: why do you think some women are successful in relationships with men and others aren't?
His answer: because women don't know how to move on from average.
Uh... okay. What? Excuse me? What does that mean? The moment something calms down and the honeymoon phase is over, you are supposed to move on?
Him: you know thats not what I mean. When you are in a relationship with someone and instead of them being respectful, they are simply out for self, its time to move on. Some women value the title of girlfriend/woman/wife more than they value themselves.


Me: oh.

I guess when you ask a question, you should be prepared for the answer. I was unprepared for THAT answer. You know, because on Snap.ped. its always the man's fault! That's what drives the woman to Snap! (not really, but you understand what I mean)
So he keeps talking: There is also an issue with leading.
Me: Leading?
Him: yes, Leading. Men want to be the 'LEADER' the 'Man' in the relationship, not necessarily having the woman submit to them, but having her let the natural sense of the man/woman relationship take it course, with the man as the protector.
Me: *pause* *reflect*

Hmmm. I wonder how other women feel about that answer?


  1. I feels a-okay about that answer. Love that answer. Looking for a man that believes that answer and isn't sitting on the sidelines waiting for a woman to come along and tell him how he feels and lead him around by a ring in his nose.

    Say Hi to Mr Aries for me!

  2. "Some women value the title of girlfriend/woman/wife more than they value themselves." He hit the nail on the head with that one! He get an Blissville Om Yeah :-)