Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's the weekend eve...

And I'm rambling:

Holiday weeks (yes, our company was off on President's.Day) always seem long as hell to me. It's like the hours between noon and 4 take 8 hours to actually pass. I swear I looked at the clock at 1:58 because I had a meeting at 2 and 4 hours later it was only 2:30. WTH?
I'm really about tired of this rollercoaster weather we are having. One day its 32 degrees, today it was 72. Do I need winter clothes or summer clothes? Do I need my boots or do I need to bust out some flip.flops?
Why the hell do people take their lunch in the bathroom at work? Like you go to warm up your lean.cuisine. your or your lunch from home, take it out of the microwave and then on the way back to your desk you remember you had to pee? So you take your food in the work bathroom? That grosses me the hell out.
I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Wonder if that means I'm getting old?

1 comment:

  1. Yes. Old. Good news is, all your friends are old, too. You are not alone.

    I hate when people have phone conversations in the bathroom.