Monday, February 8, 2010

Style,.. part 1.

Citation issued for orange lipstick with black lipliner... and it wasn't Halloween or a M.A.C. print ad.

Citation issued for green and gold weave ala Super.Bowl. colors Lousiana style.... and you weren't IN Lousiana.

Citation issued for size E breasts in a C bra... and you weren't in a Lil.Wayne. ho ass video.

Citation issued for open-toed Easter egg yellow sandals and its 46 degrees outside and raining AND you standing at the bus stop waiting on the Metro.

Citation issued for that little finger wave shit you do with your baby hair.... and you're 38 years old.

Citation issued for that fake ass wannabe 29 carat gold pinky ring with the ala trying to be like Opr.ah eternity band.

And last, but certainly not least:

Citation issued for Phen-dee bag you thought was gonna fool folks into thinking you paid high dollar for that, when honestly, that thread coming from the seams and leather that's turning your shoulder black gave it away that not only do you have a fake.. you got a cheap ass fake.

*pause to reflect*

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